Selected Publications & Readings:

The Principle of Diversity   (2004) Axel Tiessen

Understanding the Market for sustainable Tourism   (1995) Paul F. J. Eagles

Ecotourism: Market profile an trip characteristics   (1996a) Pamela Wight

Ecotourism: Motivations, Preferences and Destinations   (1996b) Pamela Wight

Facts about Ecotourism   (2000) The International Ecotourism Society

Selection of Readings   (2000) Paul F.J. Eagles for The International Ecotourism Society


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  • Annals of Tourism Research (english)
  • Journal of Travel Research
  • Journal of Sustainable Tourism
  • Leisure Sciences Journal
  • Institutions:

  • Active Tourism Organization
  • Fundación Ciencia Activa
  • International Society of Ecotourism
  • United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
  • International Student Association (ISIC)

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